Technology and strategy

Our vision is that we bring 3D printed houses to the ordinary people. We will make houses more affordable.

The 3D concrete printing technology is receiving increased focus from construction companies and architects across the globe, since it is transforming the construction industry with a less expensive, faster, greener and more accurate construction process in comparison with conventional methods in construction. First 3D printed residential buildings are being constructed in the world in the last two years.

Our company is one of the pioneers in developing 3D concrete house printers and is planning to become an important player on the global market in supplying fast and affordable 3D concrete house printers to construction companies, research institutes and humanitarian organizations in EU, N. America and Middle East.

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It goes without saying that we strive to innovate and give our customer the best experience.

Tovarniška 18, 8270 Krško, Slovenia

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our technology based on material layered extrusion process, where a concrete-like material is
pushed through a nozzle that moves around the printable surface and deposits a continuous line of
material in several layers, until the whole height of the object has been printed.

While there is no particular
focus on the material, we primarily use a concrete with up to 16mm granulate.

Our biggest 3D printer is P1 V2 which printing area is 16m x 8.2m x 3m.

Length (16m) can be easily extended with additional rails. Also height is practically unlimited as our 3D printers are very light and can be lifted up for each new floor.

After you place an order we then contact you will all the information about the payment.

After the payment is made we start building the 3D printer. When completed, 3D printer is shipped to your location in a 6m shipping container.

Building time depends on number of orders, but we guarantee that upon payment is made we take maximum 2 months to build it.

We ship our 3D printers worldwide via ship, train or cargo trucks.

It depends on the shipping method that is available for your country. We make sure we ship the3D printer by a fastest transport method.

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