Our 3D Printers

On the housing market, we have identified the need for houses that are more affordable, build in shorter periods of time and built in more environmental friendly way in comparison with conventional (traditional) methods of construction. To address these needs, we have developed innovative 3D concrete house printer that enables the fastest and most affordable 3D printing of concrete houses so far.

P1 V2

Fully working 3D Printer

Printing area: 16 x 8.2 x 2.5m

Nozzle: Basic 50mm

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Orto Head

Extra equiptment for 3D Printer

It makes layers smoother and look better.

- Only for 90° corners
- Better finish

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Rotating Head

Extra equiptment for 3D Printer

It makes imagination
come to life.

- Perfect blend between Basic and Orto Head

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Custom size 3D Printer

We try to meet every customer needs.

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