3D Printing Technology

Our vision is that we bring 3D printed houses to the ordinary people. We want to make houses more affordable.

We know the need they have in Africa or any other region in the world which have been struck by natural disaster or are in extreme poverty. 3D Printing Technology has enormous potential. 3D printers require no wages and no rest periods, and can produce identical designs in a very short timeframe. And because our printer can use any construction aggregate in the world, it will be just a matter of time when they will be used for reconstruction of houses after a natural disasters. Outside of the construction of homes, we are also committed to use the same technology for medical facilities.

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Why 3D Printed House?

One if the core benefits is that it’s relatively cheap to 3D print your own house. This could help construction workers to rapidly build cheap houses in the Third World, leading to a possible decrease of homeless people.

3D printed house can last up to 175 years and it's costs are 50-80% less then in house build with conventional methods.


3D Printing vs. Conventional Construction

Here are a few of advanteges of 3D Printing over Conventional Construction

Reduced materials usage

Optimized usage of materials


Increasing the ability to design a larger variety of customized homes and buildings

Less waste

Savings of 30%-60% in construction waste


Reduction of production time by 50%-70%

Cost efficient

Reduction of construction labor costs by 50%-80%

X Factor

Build your house with newest technology available

"Join The Future Of Construction!"

"Sometimes we stare so long at a door that is closing that we see too late the one that is open."

- Alexander Graham Bell